Decision-making in the football goalkeeper’s footwork

It is well known that in addition to direct interventions on the ball, footwork is the most numerous technical elements used quantitatively by the goalkeeper during competition. Frontal and dorsal footwork, lateral footwork, diagonal cross-step footwork, etc. But is footwork only a technical element or does it also involve tactical decision-making? In this article we propose four exercises in which we try to improve decision-making on which lateral footwork to use depending on the movement of the ball.

3 drills to improve crosses with circuit training

It is training time and the main coach barely left you 15 minutes of specific workout before the goalkeepers train with the rest of the team. What can you do? What types of drills can you design to be done for 15 minutes and have some impact on the goalies? In this article you will find 3 drills to improve crosses thanks to motor circuits, a perfect solution for these occasions.