Magazine #5

Ejercicios para la mejora de la motricidad

Exercises to improve motor skills + base technique

Motor skills and technique drills for the goalkeeper are usually a good partner in the training processes of every goalkeeper. However, a lot of professional goalkeeping coaches also include these aims to their warmups and the beginning of the sessions. In the following post, we show you two drills as possible options for your training sessions.

The importance of NOT losing the reference in the aerial game

We have discussed many times the aerial game in the goalkeeper from a technical point of view. In this occasion though, our analysis is focused on the goalkeeper’s ability to interpret a specific tactical situation. A very common case in which a series of executions are performed and disorientate the goalkeeper completely.

The back pass in the goalkeeper: intention vs luck

As goalkeeping coaches, we are used to listen to phrases from friends, coaches or even professional colleagues such as: that was lucky! And we could argue the reasons of that supposed luck. The positioning and the placing are two key aspects for the proper interpretation of the goalkeeper that favours the success of the action.

That made me what I am: a goalkeeper

Football evolves and moves match day to match day at a dizzying pace for us, the goalkeeping coaches. We finish our competition today and the following seven or six days until the next match go by in a blink of an eye. However, for those who do not play, time may not go by so fast. For the substitute goalkeeper, just as much as to any other field player, substitution is hard to accept. Fear, insecurities, the thirst… The feelings and emotions come into play, but: how does a goalkeeping coach handle it?